Safe and Fun Way For Kids to Watch Videos.

Many parents find that watching online video with their kids is a great way to spend time together. Amount of time kids spend watching videos on YouTube is just amazing. Now lets face it - most videos on YouTube, however, are not intended for children. Despite its ever-growing popularity among kids of all ages, YouTube is not exactly kid-friendly. Finding good video is a frustrating experience. We faced that frustration as a parent. That led us to design ToonTube. ToonTube brings a fresh perspective to video watching experience. Curated by parents, filtered by powerful server side program and presented in game like interface. Your kids are going to love this.

Video app designed for safety and fun. Safety using smart filtering. Fun using naughty app. Best of both worlds!

Carefully selected channels. Teach them. Let them play. Or keep them guessing. They will not know. Maybe!

App so simple even your drooling toddlers can use. Warning - app will not clean drool!

Dynamic and random channel selection will keep your little one guessing. Try shaking your device :)

Familiar grid view for videos. Presented in kid friendly themes.

Easy to navigate. Kids can enjoy intuitive interface. It is that simple.